Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 10 pp 4533—4559

Glycolytic regulatory enzyme PFKFB3 as a prognostic and tumor microenvironment biomarker in human cancers


Figure 3. The characteristic of PFKFB3 mutation and the relationship between TMB, MSI, and MMRs in pan-cancer. (A) We utilized the cBioPortal tool to study the genomic alteration of PFKFB3 for different tumors. (B) The characteristic of PFKFB3 mutations and posttranscriptional modification. (C) The relationship between PFKFB3 expression and TMB in various malignancies. (D) The association between PFKFB3 expression and MSI in pan-cancer. In Figure 3C and 3D, red fonts indicate a positive correlation and blue fonts indicate a negative correlation. (E) Correlation between PFKFB3 expression and MMRs.