Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 10 pp 4533—4559

Glycolytic regulatory enzyme PFKFB3 as a prognostic and tumor microenvironment biomarker in human cancers


Figure 8. Establishment and evaluation of prognostic risk models. (A) Univariate Cox regression analysis. (B) Multivariate Cox regression analysis. (C) The survival status in high PFKFB3 expression groups compared with low PFKFB3 expression groups. (D) The distribution of risk score, the distribution of OS status, and the heatmap of PFKFB expression after risk score grouping. (E) Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve analysis. (F) The risk prognostic model was established based on prognostic factors of clinical_stage, platelet_qualitative_result, and expression level of PFKFB3. (G) Calibration plot for the risk prognostic model. (H) PFKFB3 was significantly positively correlated with immune checkpoints including PDCD1LG2, TIGIT, PDCD1, and CD274.