Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 11 pp 4875—4888

Co-delivery of EGCG and melittin with self-assembled fluoro-nanoparticles for enhanced cancer therapy


Figure 5. Antitumor efficacy of FEGCG@MPI NPs in vivo. (A) Experimental scheme. Hep3B cells (2× 106) injected subcutaneously into nude mice. After two weeks, the mice were randomized and given the drug. (B) Representative photographs of collected tumor tissues. (C) The tumor growth curves of individual mice, and (D) the tumor weight of mice after treated with PBS, FEGCG, MPI, and FEGCG@MPI NPs (n=5). Data are presented as the means ± SD. Error bars represent the standard deviations of at least three separate measurements. *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01 by one-way ANOVA analysis followed by Turkey’s multiple comparisons.