Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 11 pp 5215—5227

PUS1 is a novel biomarker for evaluating malignancy of human renal cell carcinoma


Figure 1. The expression of PUS1 is increased in renal cancer. (A) Expression of PUS family gene in pan-cancer. The color of bubbles represents the difference in expression of PUS family genes between tumor tissues and paired normal para-cancer tissues. Red: up-regulated expression in tumor tissues; blue, down-regulated expression in tumor tissue; bubble size indicates significant difference. (B) The expression of PUS1 in KIRC. Red: tumor tissue; blue: paired para-cancer normal tissue. (CF) The PUS1 gene expression in four GEO datasets, including GSE17818 (C), GSE17895 (D), GSE40435 (E) and GSE15641 (F). (G) The overall survival (OS) of PUS1 in KIRC. Red: high expression group of PUS1; blue: low expression group of PUS1.