Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 19 pp 10010—10030

Identification of an endoplasmic reticulum stress-related prognostic risk model with excellent prognostic and clinical value in oral squamous cell carcinoma


Figure 3. Functional enrichment analysis of DE-ERSs. (AD) The GO function enrichment analysis results of DE-ERSs including BP, CC and MF. (A) When z-score was defined as the abscissa, -log (p.adjust) was defined as the ordinate. The first, second, and third parts represent BPs, CCs, and MFs. (BD) The results of BP, CC and MF, respectively. The color of the node gene represented the level of expression in the tumor tissue. Blue indicated down-regulation of the expression value, while red indicated up-regulation of the expression value. The middle quadrilateral represented the effect of the gene on the enriched GO terms. Dark colors showed inhibition, while light colors indicated activation. (E) The results of KEGG pathway enrichment analysis. The node size and color indicated the number of genes enriched in the pathway and -log10 P-value. (F) The first five results of DO enrichment analysis of DE-ERSs.