Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 18 pp 9426—9437

The mechanism of simultaneous intake of Jujuboside A and B in the regulation of sleep at the hypothalamic level


Figure 5. The effects of the JuA+B on the expression of key DE proteins in the hypothalamus. (a) Control group; (b) JuA+B low-dose group; (c) JuA+B middle-dose group; (d) JuA+B high-dose group; (e) DZP group. The protein expression levels of CLDN11, DLG1, INADL, DNMBP, AF-6, ZO-1, and MPDZ were measured by the western blot analysis. The relative intensities of these protein bands were analyzed with ImageJ software. β-actin was used as a control for the protein blots.