Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 19 pp 10072—10088

Exploring anti-acute kidney injury mechanism of Dahuang-Gancao decoction by network pharmacology and experimental validation


Figure 3. PPI network. (A) Network nodes represent proteins: colored nodes represent query proteins and the first shell of interactors; white nodes represent the second shell of interactors; empty nodes represent proteins of unknown 3D structure; filled nodes represent some 3D structure that is known or predicted. Edges represent protein–protein associations: the light blue edges represent curated databases; the fuchsia edges represent experimentally determined associations; the green edges represent gene neighborhoods; the red edges represent gene fusions; the dark blue edges represent gene co-occurrence; the light green edges represent text mining; the black edges represent co-expression; the light purple edges represent protein homology. The thickness of the line in the figure represents the strength of the force. (B) Statistics of the most multilateral nodes of the PPI network.