Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 18 pp 9614—9632

ALDOC promotes non-small cell lung cancer through affecting MYC-mediated UBE2N transcription and regulating Wnt/β-catenin pathway


Figure 4. ALDOC mediates NSCLC development via acting on UBE2N. (AC) After infecting indicated lentiviral particles in A549 and NCI-H1299 cells, the changes in cell proliferation (A), migration (B) and apoptosis (C) were evaluated via CCK8, transwell and flow cytometry assays. (D, E) The volume (D) and weight (E) of tumor from xenograft models were monitored. (F) The tumor were harvested and photographed. (G) Ki67 was stained using IHC staining. NC (OE+KD): Control; NC (KD)+ALDOC: ALDOC overexpression; NC (OE)+shUBE2N: UBE2N downregulation; ALDOC+shUBE2N: ALDOC overexpression and UBE2N downregulation. *** P < 0.001; ** P < 0.01; *P < 0.05.