Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 18 pp 9743—9758

NOTCH2 gene mutation and gamma-secretase inhibitor in mediating the malignancy of ovarian cancer


Figure 4. Impacts of DAPT on NOTCH2 mutated OC cells. (A) Notch2 level was tested following transfection with NOTCH2-P2113S in A2780 and SKOV3 cells; (B) CCK-8 assay was used for detecting cell proliferation (*p<0.05); (C) Scratch wound-healing assay showed alterations of cell migration. Upper panel, representative images (×100); Lower panel, quantitative analysis (*p<0.05); (D) Transwell chamber assay was used for evaluating cell invasion by NOTCH2 P2113S transfection. Upper panel, representative images (×100); lower panel, quantitative analysis (*p<0.05). (E) EdU labeling test was used for testing cell proliferation. N=3.