Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 18 pp 9809—9821

The oncogenic miR-429 promotes triple-negative breast cancer progression by degrading DLC1


Figure 3. miR-429 targets and negatively regulates the expression of DLC1. (A) Volcano map of DEmRNAs in TCGA-TNBC data. The upregulated genes with differential expression were in Blue and the downregulated ones were in Red; (B) Venn diagram of potential target genes and downregulated DEmRNAs for miR-429 in 3 databases; (C) Pearson correlation analysis of miR-429 and nine overlapping genes; (D) Relative expression of DLC1 in human normal breast cell (MCF- 10A) and TNBC cell line (MDA-MB-468) was detected by Western Blot; (E) The binding site sequence of DLC1 3’UTR to miR-429 was predicted by TargetScan and validated by a dual luciferase assay; (F) qRT-PCR and Western blot (G) analysis of DLC1 expression in TNBC cell transfected with miR-429 mimic, mimic NC, miR-429 Inhibitor or Inhibitor NC. All figures are at a scale of 50μm. (* p < 0.05, ** p < 0.01, and *** p < 0.001).