Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 19 pp 10133—10145

Sheng-Mai-Yin inhibits doxorubicin-induced ferroptosis and cardiotoxicity through regulation of Hmox1


Figure 3. SMY inhibited iron overload, lipid peroxidation, and serum enzymology. (A, B) Serum (A), cardiac mitochondrial, and cytosolic (B) nonheme iron were detected by an iron assay kit (#ab83366, Abcam). (C, D) Serum (C) and cardiac (D) MDA contents were measured by lipid peroxidation MDA assay kit (Beyotime, S0131S) in control mice and mice treated with DOX with or without SMY or mitoTEMPO. (E, F) Serum LDH (E) and CK-MB (F) levels were examined by commercial assay kits (Beyotime, C0016 and ZCIBIO, ZC-38269) according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The results were presented as mean ± SEM. ##means compared with control group, P < 0.01; *means compared with DOX group, P < 0.05, **means compared with DOX group, P < 0.01.