Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 19 pp 10133—10145

Sheng-Mai-Yin inhibits doxorubicin-induced ferroptosis and cardiotoxicity through regulation of Hmox1


Figure 4. SMY scavenged ROS generation and alleviated mitochondria dysfunction. (A) Images of DHE staining of ROS. (B) Histogram showed the DHE+ cells of the area in different groups. (C) Representative images of JC-1 staining in different groups. Red fluorescence represented aggregation of JC-1, and green fluorescence represented monomeric JC-1. (D) Histogram of aggregate JC-1/monomeric JC-1. The JC-1 probe was applied to measure ΔΨm, which was expressed as the ratio of red (the aggregate form of JC-1, which denotes intact ΔΨm) to green (a monomeric form of JC-1, which signifies dissipation of ΔΨm). The results were presented as mean ± SEM. ##means compared with control group, P < 0.01; *means compared with DOX group, P < 0.05, **means compared with DOX group, P < 0.01.