Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 19 pp 10133—10145

Sheng-Mai-Yin inhibits doxorubicin-induced ferroptosis and cardiotoxicity through regulation of Hmox1


Figure 6. Overexpression of Hmox1 counteracted the effect of SMY on ferroptosis. (A) The heart/body weight ratio was calculated. (B, C) Cardiac mitochondria and cytosolic nonheme iron (B) and serum nonheme iron (C) were detected by an iron assay kit (#ab83366, Abcam) in mice treated with DOX with or without SMY or Hmox1-OE. (D, E) Western blot analysis of Hmox1 and GAPDH protein levels in control mice, AAV-control mice, and AAC-Hmox1 mice. (FJ) Western blot analysis of FTH1, TFR1, GPX4, and Hmox1 protein contents. The results were presented as mean ± SEM. *means compared with the other group, P < 0.05, **means compared with the other group, P < 0.01.