Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 20 pp 10897—10914

WNT enhancing signals in pancreatic cancer are transmitted by LGR6


Figure 1. Baseline expression of LGR6 in PDAC cell lines. (A) qPCR of epithelial (CDH1), mesenchymal (ZEB1) markers, and LGR6. In addition, sphere-formation capacity (SFA) was evaluated. (B) Morphology of defined epithelial and mesenchymal PDAC cell lines; (C) Immunohistochemistry (left panels, Protein atlas) and immunofluorescence staining LGR6 (green) and E-cadherin (red) in Capan2; (D) Western blot analysis of LGR6 in pancreatic cancer cell lines. Quantification is shown as normalized to Capan2; (E) Flow cytometric analysis of extra- and intra-cellular LGR6 in pancreatic cancer cell lines; (F) Clustering analysis of the TCGA databank on PDAC identified LGR6 with epithelial marker group *, P<0.05; **, P<0.01; ***, P<0.001; ****, P<0.0001.