Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 20 pp 10897—10914

WNT enhancing signals in pancreatic cancer are transmitted by LGR6


Figure 3. LGR6 as a WNT target gene. (A) Immunofluorescence staining of β-catenin (green) in Panc1 after stimulation with RSPO2, WNT3a or its combination (R+W) showed more nuclear staining upon WNT activation, in particular with WNT3a or R+W. White arrows indicate nuclear β-catenin, green arrows indicate membrane-bound β-catenin. (B) Western blot of LGR6 after similar stimulation showed increase in both Capan2 and Panc1. (C) GSEA of TCGA data revealed positive correlation of LGR6 with the WNT signature “WNT targets up” by Herbst et al. (D) Immunofluorescence staining of β-catenin in Capan2 reveals increase in membrane-bound and decrease of nuclear β-catenin upon IWP2 inhibition. The cells were cultured with 10uM IWP2 for 72h, medium was changed every other day. Bar, 20 μm; (E) Effect of IWP2 on AXIN2 and LGR6 mRNA expression in Capan2. Significant decreases were detected in presence of IWP2. ***, P<0.001; ****, P<0.0001.