Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 19 pp 10785—10810

PD-L1-related IncRNAs are associated with malignant characteristics and immune microenvironment in glioma


Figure 5. Immune and inflammatory characteristics of glioma and the biological mechanism of PD-L1-related lncRNAs. (A) Heatmap displaying the characteristics of immune cells panel. (B) The correlation between immune cell infiltration and risk score. (C) Heatmap displaying the characteristics of inflammation panel. (D) The correlation between inflammation characteristics and risk score. (E) 5 immune checkpoints’ expression in high-risk and low-risk groups in TCGA. (F) Patients’ predicted response to anti-CTLA-4 and anti-PD-1 therapy. (G) GO analysis of PD-L1-related lncRNAs.