Research Paper Volume 16, Issue 2 pp 1496—1515

The miR-146b-3p/TNFAIP2 axis regulates cell differentiation in acute myeloid leukaemia


Figure 9. miR-146b-3p directly targets TNFAIP2. (A) TargetScan prediction of possible binding sites between miR-146b-3p and TNFAIP2. (B) A dual-luciferase reporter assay was used to measure luciferase activity (normal distribution, t test). (C) Western blot analysis of TNFAIP2 protein expression in transfected MOLM-13 cells. (D) qRT-PCR detection of TNFAIP2 mRNA expression in transfected MOLM-13 cells (non-normal distribution, nonparametric test Mann-Whitney). ** P < 0.01.