Research Paper Volume 16, Issue 2 pp 1620—1639

PROX1 interaction with α-SMA-rich cancer-associated fibroblasts facilitates colorectal cancer progression and correlates with poor clinical outcomes and therapeutic resistance


Figure 1. PROX1 and α-SMA overexpressed in CRC clinical samples and cell lines. (A, B) TCGA COAD dataset available from UALCAN shows, that PROX1 and α-SMA are upregulated in colorectal adenocarcinoma tissues. (C, D) PROX1 and α-SMA expression in COAD cases on the indivisible cancer stage from TCGA COAD dataset available from UALCAN. Western blot analysis of PROX1 expression in (E) paired tumor and non-tumor colorectal clinical samples and (F) human colorectal cancer cell lines, Caco-2, HT-29, SW-480, SW-620 and HCT116. β-actin is used as loading control; (G) Immunohistochemical analysis of PROX1 or α-SMA expression in normal colonic and colorectal tumor samples. (H) DepMap analysis of correlation expression of PROX1 and α-SMA.