Research Paper Volume 16, Issue 6 pp 5545—5566

A pyrimidine metabolism-related signature for prognostic and immunotherapeutic response prediction in hepatocellular carcinoma by integrating analyses


Figure 7. Detection of the immune profile between different groups. The GSEA results for the high-risk (A) and low-risk (B) groups. (C) Difference between two risk groups’ stromal, immune, and ESTIMATE scores. (D) Comparisons of the fractions of immunocyte infiltration between distinct groups. (E) Differential checkpoint gene expression between two groups. (F) The differential HLA gene expression between two groups. (G) The levels of immune function in the two at-risk categories. The mutational status of the leading 20 genes in the high-risk category (H). The low-risk cohort (I). (J) The TMB concentration in the various categories. (*P<0.05, **P<0.01, ***P<0.001, ****P<0.0001).