Research Paper Volume 16, Issue 9 pp 7578—7595

Establishment and verification of a prognostic model based on coagulation and fibrinolysis-related genes in hepatocellular carcinoma


Figure 5. Analysis of clinicopathological features and nomogram. (A) RiskScore and distribution of clinicopathological features; (B) Analysis of different clinicopathological grades between different RiskScore groups; (C) Univariate Cox analysis of RiskScore and clinicopathological features; (D) Multivariate Cox analysis of clinicopathological features and RiskScore; (E) Construction of the nomogram; (F) 1, 3, 5 years calibration curve of the nomogram; (G) The decision curve of RiskScore, nomogram and clinicopathological features; (H) The ROC curves of a variety of clinicopathological features for overall survival (OS) at 1~5 years.