Research Paper Volume 16, Issue 8 pp 6868—6882

lincRNA00907 promotes NASH progression by targeting miRNA-942-5p/TAOK1


Figure 2. linc00907 upregulates in NAFLD and NASH. (A) Representative images of H&E, Oil Red O, α-SMA and Masson staining of liver sections from NASH mouse model; (B) linc00907 upregulates in both NAFLD and NASH; (C, D) linc00907 upregulates in NASH conditions established via HFD (C) and HFHC (D) as opposed to normal mouse liver tissues; (E) linc00907 upregulates in the NASH cellular model; (F) qRT-PCR analysis has confirmed the effective knockdown of linc00907 within the cells; (G) lipid accumulation was significantly mitigated upon knockdown of linc00907.