Research Paper Volume 16, Issue 8 pp 6868—6882

lincRNA00907 promotes NASH progression by targeting miRNA-942-5p/TAOK1


Figure 3. linc00907 modulates cellular lipid accumulation. (A) Linc00907 plasmids were transfected to construct a THLE-2 cell line with overexpressed linc00907; (B) overexpression of linc00907 increased intracellular lipid content; (C) overexpression of linc00907 significantly elevated the expression of FASN, CD36, ACC1, TNF-α and TGF-β1; (D) linc00907 overexpression resulted in elevated intracellular levels of triglycerides and cholesterol; (E) construction of linc00907 knockdown THLE-2 cell line using adenovirus shRNA; (F) knockdown of linc00907 markedly reduced lipid content in the NASH model; (G) knockdown of linc00907 downregulated the expression levels of lipid synthesis-related genes and immune-related genes; (H) knockdown of linc00907 resulted in decreased intracellular triglycerides and cholesterol levels.