Research Paper Volume 16, Issue 8 pp 6868—6882

lincRNA00907 promotes NASH progression by targeting miRNA-942-5p/TAOK1


Figure 7. linc00907 exacerbates NASH by elevating TAOK1 through competitive binding with miR-942-5p. (A) Knockdown of linc00907 can decrease the mRNA level of TAOK1, an effect that can be countered by miR-942-5p inhibitors; (B) the overexpression of TAOK1 can reverse the regulatory effects on lipid metabolism-related genes and immune-related genes that result from linc00907 knockdown; (C) the knockdown of TAOK1 can reverse the promoting effects of linc00907 on intracellular triglyceride and cholesterol; (D) Oil Red O staining revealed that knockdown of TAOK1 reversed the impact of linc00907 on lipid accumulation; (E) linc00907 overexpression reduces apoptosis but can be reversed by TAOK1 knockdown.