Research Paper Volume 16, Issue 8 pp 6898—6920

Tertiary lymphoid structures associated with enhanced anti-tumor immunity and favorable prognosis in cervical squamous carcinoma


Figure 4. TLS was positively correlated with immunological scores in the GSE44001 cohort. (A) Volcano plot showing the DEGs for the TLS-high and low groups in the TCGA-CESC cohort. (B) Biological pathways enriched in the TLS-high and low groups, respectively. Red dots represented the genes up-regulated in TLS-high group. Blue dots represented the genes down-regulated in TLS-low group. (C) Comparison of StromalScore, ImmuneScore, ESTIMATEScore and tumor purity between TLS-high and low groups. (D) The correlation between TLS and the enrichment scores of immune subpopulations and immune-related signaling pathways in the TCGA-UCEC cohort. (E) Comparing the enrichment scores of each step in the cancer immunity cycle between TLS-high and low groups.