Research Paper Volume 16, Issue 8 pp 7073—7100

Comprehensive characterization of β-alanine metabolism-related genes in HCC identified a novel prognostic signature related to clinical outcomes


Figure 5. Cluster analysis for 343 HCC patients according to the βAMRGs scores. (A) The clustering of gene data reveals three distinct clusters, as depicted by the heatmap: Cluster 1(C1), Cluster 2 (C2), and Cluster 3 (C3), based on the levels of mRNA expression of βAMRGs. Cluster 2 (C2) comprises tumor patients with normal βAMRG expression, Cluster 3 (C3) includes those with active βAMRGs, while Cluster 1(C1) consists of individuals with inactive βAMRGs. (B) The violin plot illustrates the enrichment scores for the three clusters, arranged in the order of C3 > C2 > C1. The corresponding p-values are indicated above the respective clusters. (C) A survival curve represents the three distinct clusters. Cluster 3 exhibits the highest survival rate, while Cluster 1 demonstrates the lowest survival rate when compared among the three clusters. The x-coordinate represents survival time, while the y-coordinate represents survival rate.