Research Paper Volume 16, Issue 8 pp 7119—7130

Single session of intermittent theta burst stimulation alters brain activity of patients in vegetative state


Figure 3. Permutation entropy (PE) values measured at different time points: baseline, T1, T2 and T3. (A) Topography of t values of paired t-tests in comparisons of PE values of T1 vs. baseline, T2 vs. baseline, and T3 vs. baseline. (B) Black dots show electrodes that had significant difference (p<0.05, paired t-tests with FDR correction) of PE values between T2 and the baseline. (C) Boxplots of the PE values (left panel: real session, right panel: sham session) averaged from the left frontal region at the baseline, T1, T2 and T3 in the real and sham sessions. * means significance in the one-way repeated ANOVA with post-hoc t-tests after Bonferroni correction.