Research Paper Volume 16, Issue 8 pp 6631—6651

A novel deep proteomic approach in human skeletal muscle unveils distinct molecular signatures affected by aging and resistance training


Figure 4. MyoF and non-MyoF proteins altered with resistance training in MA participants. Legend: Data presented for MA prior to and following eight weeks of knee extensor training include proteins in the MyoF fraction (11 up-regulated, 2 down-regulated; (A), the top 15 up-regulated proteins in the non-MyoF fraction (B), and all 8 down-regulated proteins in the non-MyoF fraction (C). Data are presented as mean ± standard deviations for individual protein spectra values (normalized to total run spectra values), and y-axes were scaled as log10 for improved visualization. Notes: No biological processes were predicted to be affected with training based on these alterations.