Research Paper Volume 16, Issue 8 pp 7217—7248

Hepatocyte-specific METTL3 ablation by Alb-iCre mice (GPT), but not by Alb-Cre mice (JAX), resulted in acute liver failure (ALF) and postnatal lethality


Figure 5. Homozygous deletion of METTL3 in murine hepatocytes by Alb-Cre mice (JAX) does not lead to postnatal lethality. (A) Hepatocyte-specific METTL3 homozygous knockout assessed by PCR-based genotyping on genomic DNA collected from the indicated organs of control mice and METTL3fl/fl; Alb-Cre mice (JAX) (referred to as METTL3Δhep (JAX)). (B, C) qRT-PCR (B) and Western blot assay (C) of METTL3 expression in the livers of control mice and METTL3Δhep mice (JAX). (D) PCR-based genotyping during the late postnatal period exhibits the number of offspring with indicated genotypes from intercrossing METTL3fl/fl mice and METTL3fl/fl; Alb-Cre (JAX) mice. (E) Survival curves of control mice and METTL3Δhep mice (JAX) (n = 8–10 for each group). (F) Representative appearance of control mice and METTL3Δhep mice (JAX) at 3 months after birth. (G) Representative gross appearance of livers from control mice and METTL3Δhep mice (JAX) at 1 month or 3 months postnatally.