Research Paper Volume 16, Issue 8 pp 6717—6730

Characterization of age-associated gene expression changes in mouse sweat glands


Figure 1. The numbers of active SWGs decline in old relative to young mice. (A) Iodine-starch sweat test to evaluate the number of sweating spots (black dots) in young (3 m.o.) and old (28 m.o.) male mice. (B) Quantitation of the number of sweating spots in sweat tests from panel (A). Quantification from 6 biological replicates each for young and old mice. (C) Distribution of SWGs in young and old mice (upper panels); old SWGs display enlarged ductal lumens (arrows) and secretory lumens (dotted circles, lower panels). Scale bars, 50 μm. Data in (B) represent the means and S.D. from six biological replicates; significance (**p < 0.01; ***p < 0.001) was established using Student’s t-test. Other data are representative of three or more biological replicates.