Research Paper Volume 16, Issue 9 pp 7523—7534

Cell type-dependent modulation of senescence features using Weo electrolyzed water


Figure 1. WEW decreases cellular senescence in human fibroblasts and cancer cells. Cells were treated with WEW and induced to senesce with H2O2. (A) Images of morphological changes during oxidative stress induction of senescence in BJ and T47D cells. Both cell types adopted a flattened and enlarged morphology. (B) SA-β-gal staining of senescent fibroblasts and cancer cells treated and non-treated with WEW. Images were taken using an inverted phase contrast microscope after SA-β-gal activity was detected by incubating the fixed cells in SA- β -gal solution at 37° C. (C) SA- β -gal activity was assayed by manually scoring SA-β-gal positive cells. Results are expressed as mean values (+SEM) of cell count in one of three independent experiments. Significance was calculated by a two-tailed Student’s t test. *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001