Research Paper Volume 16, Issue 9 pp 7523—7534

Cell type-dependent modulation of senescence features using Weo electrolyzed water


Figure 2. Inhibition of DNA synthesis in H2O2-induced BJ and T47D. Cells were treated with H2O2 to induce senescence. (A) Detection of EdU incorporated into the DNA of senescent and non-senescent fibroblasts and cancer cells treated or not with WEW. DNA synthesis was evaluated by immunofluorescence staining using EdU, and its incorporation was detected with Alexa Fluor 488 (green). Counterstaining with DAPI displays the localization of the nuclei (blue). (B) The results are expressed as a percentage of EdU incorporation after oxidative stress senescence induction and treatment with WEW or tap water. Results are given as mean ±SEM of five different fields, and significance was calculated by a two-tailed Student’s t test. *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001; ns: non-significance.