Research Paper Volume 16, Issue 9 pp 8217—8245

Single-cell BCR and transcriptome analysis reveals peripheral immune signatures in patients with thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy


Figure 1. Single-cell profiling of blood immune microenvironment in TAO patients. (A) A total of 5 main PBMC cell types were identified in PBMC by automated annotation using SingleR software. Color scheme denoting clusters was labeled with inferred cell types. (B) The t-SNE feature plots showed expression of marker genes of the five cell types. (C) FACS plots validated that CD4+ T cells, CD8+ T cells, B cells, and NK cells were present in the peripheral blood. Blood sample from one normal control was used for analysis. (D) Bar plots showing the percentage of five PBMC cell types from TAO patients and NCs. Error bars show SEM (* p<0.05, ** p<0.01, *** p<0.001).