Original article: Aging (Albany NY) 2018; 10: 4241 – 4247.

This article has been corrected: The authors requested to add Katarzyna Nowomiejska to the list of authors. Katarzyna Nowomiejska was omitted in this publication by mistake. The correct information is provided below. The authors declare that this correction does not change the results or conclusions of this paper. The authors sincerely apologize for this error.

Niccolò Castellino1, Antonio Longo1, Teresio Avitabile1, Andrea Russo1, Matteo Fallico1, Vincenza Bonfiglio1, Mario Damiano Toro1,3, Robert Rejdak3, Katarzyna Nowomiejska3, Paolo Murabito1, Claudio Furino2, Michele Reibaldi1

1Policlinico Gaspare Rodolico-University of Catania, Catania, Italy

2Eye Clinic, University of Bari, Bari, Italy

33Department of General Ophthalmology, Medical University in Lublin, Lublin, Poland