Backgroud: Bladder cancer (BLCA) is one of the most fatal types of cancer worldwide. However, there are limited methods for us to provide a prognostic prediction of BLCA patients. Therefore, we aimed at developing a lncRNA signature to improve the prognosis prediction of BLCA.

Results: An eight-lncRNA signature was significantly associated with recurrence free survival in BLCA patients from both discovery and validation groups. Furthermore, genes involved in the signature were enriched in extracellular matrix organization pathway. Finally, functional experiments demonstrated that six out of the eight lncRNAs significantly regulated the invasion of BLCA cells.

Method: A total of 343 BLCA patients from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) were employed and randomly divided into training (n=172) and validating (n=171) groups. The lncRNA expression profiles of BLCA patients were screened and a risk-score formula were created and validated according to the Cox regression analysis. Next, WGCNA method was employed to cluster genes that highly correlated with the risk scores based on the profiling data of TCGA dataset and transwell assay was also performed to further investigate the role of these lncRNAs.

Conclusions: Our results suggested that the eight-lncRNA signature was a candidate prognostic biomarker for predicting tumor recurrence of patients with BLCA.