Kidney clear cell carcinoma (KIRC) is the most prevalent kidney malignancy. Accumulating evidence shows that high expression of TIP-B1 correlates with development of tumor progression. However, the detailed functions of TIP-B1 in the KIRC remain to be further elucidated. Here, we firstly found TIP-B1 expression was significantly increased in KIRC compared with adjacent normal tissues. What’s more, higher expression of TIP-B1 were correlated with aggressive clinico-pathological characteristics. In vitro assay found TIP-B1 knockdown dramatically inhibited KIRC cells proliferation, migration and invasion. In vivo assay found down regulated TIP-B1 could suppress tumor growth and metastasis. Mechanism analysis indicated that TIP-B1 could bind EGFR and suppress EGFR degradation, then promoted EGF-induced AKT signaling. Together, TIP-B1 could be applied as an independent risk factor to predict KIRC progression and metastasis. Targeting TIP-B1 might be a new potential therapeutic strategy for KIRC treatment.