This article has been corrected: The authors requested to replace Supplementary Figure 2C. In Supplementary Figure 2C-E the errors occurred in p-value calculation and n-number depiction. Supplementary Figure 2C contained 4 outliers (Grubb’s test) but only 1 was removed for p-value calculation. The corrected Supplementary Figure 2C is shown below and indicates the outliers in green as well as the corrected p-values. In Supplementary Figure 2E the p-value for the comparison of Sod2+/+, G3mTerc-/- mice versus Sod2+/+, G3mTerc-/-mice should read p=0.12 instead of p=0.77. N-numbers for Supplementary Figure 2C-E were 16-17 for Sod2+/+, G3mTerc-/- mice, 14-16 for Sod2+/+, G3mTerc-/-mice, 7-8 for Sod2+/+, mTerc+/+ mice, 12-14 for Sod2+/+, mTerc+/+ mice, and 4-5 for young wildtype (yWT) mice. Aging markers were determined as previously described (Reference 16 of the manuscript). Statistical analysis was performed using the unpaired t-test with GraphPad Prism software. These corrections do not change any of the conclusions of the publication. The corrected Supplementary Figure 2C is provided below.

Supplementary Figure 2C

Supplementary Figure 2C.