Editorial Volume 11, Issue 24 pp 11795—11796

The impact of age on long QT syndrome

Norbert Guettler 1, 2, , Kim Rajappan 3, , Edward Nicol 4, ,

  • 1 Section Head, Internal Medicine and Cardiology, Air Force Centre of Aerospace Medicine, Fuerstenfeldbruck, Germany
  • 2 Consultant Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist, Central Military Hospital, Koblenz, Germany
  • 3 Consultant Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist, Cardiac Department, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Oxford, UK
  • 4 Consultant Cardiologist, Department of Cardiology, Royal Brompton Hospital, London, UK

received: October 29, 2019 ; published: December 28, 2019 ;

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