The role of LncRNA ADAMTS9-AS2 in the regulation of chemoresistance of gastric cancer (GC) is largely unknown. Here we found that LncRNA ADAMTS9-AS2 was low-expressed in GC tissues and cells compared to their normal counterparts. In addition, LncRNA ADAMTS9-AS2 inhibited miR-223-3p expressions in GC cells by acting as competing endogenous RNA, and the levels of LncRNA ADAMTS9-AS2 and miR-223-3p showed negative correlations in GC tissues. Of note, overexpression of LncRNA ADAMTS9-AS2 inhibited GC cell viability and motility by sponging miR-223-3p. In addition, the levels of LncRNA ADAMTS9-AS2 were lower, and miR-223-3p was higher in cisplatin-resistant GC (CR-GC) cells than their parental cisplatin-sensitive GC (CS-GC) cells. LncRNA ADAMTS9-AS2 overexpression enhanced the cytotoxic effects of cisplatin on CR-GC cells, which were reversed by overexpressing miR-223-3p. Furthermore, LncRNA ADAMTS9-AS2 increased NLRP3 expressions by targeting miR-223-3p, and upregulation of LncRNA ADAMTS9-AS2 triggered pyroptotic cell death in cisplatin treated CR-GC cells by activating NLRP3 inflammasome through downregulating miR-223-3p. Finally, the promoting effects of LncRNA ADAMTS9-AS2 overexpression on CR-GC cell death were abrogated by pyroptosis inhibitor Necrosulfonamide (NSA). Collectively, LncRNA ADAMTS9-AS2 acted as a tumor suppressor and enhanced cisplatin sensitivity in GC cells by activating NLRP3 mediated pyroptotic cell death through sponging miR-223-3p.