Although KIAA0101 is involved in many diseases, its expression and prognostic value in HCC remain undefined. According to CCLE, KIAA0101 is highly expressed in HCC, with a weak positive correlation between copy number and gene expression. Four studies involving 760 samples in ONCOMINE report elevated KIAA0101 expression in HCC (p=3.11E-22). The KM plotter revealed high KIAA0101 expression to be associated with worse overall survival in HCC (HR=2.09, p=4.1e-05); this prognostic power was stronger for male than female, early-stage than advanced-stage, and Asian than Caucasian patients. RNA sequencing data for 8 pairs of HCC and adjacent tissue samples validated the significantly high KIAA0101 level (p=0.00497). Moreover, functional annotations of 31 KIAA0101-coexpressed genes show enrichment of terms associated with mitosis, cytoskeleton construction, and chromosome segregation. Among 9 genes having STRING-validated protein-protein interactions with KIAA0101, two are involved in virus-related pathways. Alternative splicing analysis indicated higher expression of variant 1 and variant 2 in HCC and no significant differences in exon usage of KIAA0101 between cancer and normal tissues. These findings support that KIAA0101 is a potential prognostic biomarker for HCC and highlight the association between virus infection and the mechanism underlying the process by which KIAA0101 contributes to poor prognosis of patients.