Blood brain barrier (BBB) disruption is a crucial factor contributing to secondary brain injury after intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH). Heat shock protein B8 (HSPB8) has been recently reported to confer neuroprotection against against ischaemic stroke through maintaining BBB integrity. However, the role of HSPB8 in ICH is still elusive. In this study, we found that HSPB8 was upregulated by ICH and extensively expressed in neurovascular structure including endothelial cells and astrocytes. lentivirus intracerebroventricular (i.c.v) injection achieved a widespread and persistent HSPB8 overexpression in brain tissues. HSPB8 overexpression significantly ameliorated neurobehavioral deficits and brain edema at 24 and 72h following ICH. Moreover, HSPB8 overexpression remarkedly inhibited BBB disruption and significantly increase the level of p-Akt, p-GSKβ and intranuclear β-catenin 24h post-ICH. This effect was obviously reversed by Akt specific inhibitor, MK2206. Based on these findings, HSPB8 exerted its protective effect on BBB, at least partly, via Akt/ p-GSKβ/β-catenin pathways.