Objective: To investigate the antitumor effects of Graphene oxide (GO) on tumor invasion and metastasis in human cervical cancer Hela cells.

Results: GO significantly inhibited cell viability and the number of clones, promoted cell apoptosis, as well as suppressed cell migration and invasion, and destroyed the structure of actin cytoskeleton of Hela cells in a dose-dependent manner in. Moreover, the expression of metastasis-related proteins, including MMP2 and Cdc42, were significantly suppressed by the treatment of GO. And the expression of MMP3 was remarkably increased by Smad inhibitor and the protein levels of MMP3 and ICAM were elevated by the JNK inhibitor in GO-treated Hela cells.

Conclusion: GO exhibited inhibitory effects on cell migration and invasion possibly by destroying actin cytoskeleton in Hela cells, which is a potential component of the Smad and JNK signalling pathways.

Methods: GO was prepared and chracterized by UV visible light absorption spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy. Hela cells were treated with Go at different dose levels. Then, in vitro cytotoxicity of GO was evaluated by the MTT assay, colony-forming assay and cell apoptosis assay. The inhibitory effects of GO on tumor cell migration and invasion as well as actin cytoskeleton were explored using Hela cells.