Although many scientists are studying the association between genetic polymorphism of ABCB1 and CR in patients, the molecular mechanism has not been further studied in patients with CHD. This study investigated the relationship between SNP of the ABCB1 gene in patients with CHD and CR, and whether the polymorphism of the ABCB1 gene affects the AS of the gene. 741 patients were enrolled in the study, 316 CR cases and 425 NCR cases. The correlation between CR risk and clinical-pathological characteristics were studied. Additionally, the five SNPs were analysed by PCR and Mass Array genotyping methods. Furthermore, silicon analysis was used to predict whether the polymorphism affects the process of AS. Results showed that there was a significant correlation between rs1045642 polymorphism and CR in genotyping and allele analysis. The rs1045642 polymorphism of the ABCB1 gene of CHD patients carrying the A allele are more likely to develop CR. Silicon analysis showed that rs1045642 generated a new ESE sequence which might affect AS of ABCB1 gene. We hypothesize that the mechanism of CR might be caused by a change in the AS caused by the polymorphism of the gene. Thus, this work provides guidance for the clinical use of clopidogrel.