As a pentacyclic triterpene in Centella asiatica, asiatic acid (AA) is a powerful antioxidant with many bioactivities. In the present research, we investigated whether AA has the potential to rescue the decrease in porcine oocyte quality that occurs during in vitro aging (IVA). Mature porcine oocytes were collected and then continuously cultured for an additional 24 h or 48 h with or without AA in maturation medium as an IVA model. The results revealed that AA supplementation reduced the percentage of abnormal aged porcine oocytes during IVA. Furthermore, AA supplementation effectively maintained aged porcine oocyte developmental competence, both parthenogenetic activation and in vitro fertilization. The number of sperm that bound to the zona pellucida on aged porcine oocytes was higher in the AA-supplemented group than in the non-supplemented group. Moreover, AA supplementation not only blocked IVA-induced oxidative stress but also maintained intracellular GSH levels and reduced the percentage of early apoptosis aged porcine oocytes. Mitochondrial functions were disordered during the IVA process. The intracellular ATP levels and mitochondrial membrane potential in aged porcine oocytes were dramatically increased by AA supplementation. Therefore, AA has beneficial effects on porcine oocyte quality and developmental potential maintenance during IVA.