Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the most common human malignant tumors in recent years. Although multiple approaches have been developed for the diagnosis and therapy of CRC, the overall survival rates of patients with metastatic and recurrent CRC remain poor. In the present study, we used the high-throughput microarray technology to screen circular RNAs (circRNAs) as a potential fingerprint for CRC. We mainly aimed to screen potential biomarkers for liver metastasis by performing risk score analysis. We detected the upregulated expression of circ_0115744 in patients with CRC with liver metastasis (CRLM). Further investigation using a validation set indicated that circ_0115744 might be considered as a fingerprint for CRLM. Functionally, the overexpression of circ_0115744 significantly promoted the invasion of CRC cell lines, while decreased expression of circ_0115744 suppressed cell invasion in vitro. Mechanistic analysis showed that circ_0115744 acted as a competing endogenous RNA of miR-144 to diminish the repressive effect of miR-144 on its target EZH2. In conclusion, we found that increased expression of circ_0115744 could differentiate CRLM from CRC and that the newly identified circ_0115744/miR-144/EZH2 axis was involved in the progression of CRC, which might be used as a potential diagnostic and therapeutic target for patients with CRC.