Review Volume 13, Issue 5 pp 7691—7706

β cell aging and age-related diabetes

Min Zhu1, , Xiaohong Liu1, , Wen Liu1, , Yanrong Lu1, , Jingqiu Cheng1,2, , Younan Chen1,2, ,

  • 1 Key Laboratory of Transplant Engineering and Immunology, NHFPC, Regenerative Medicine Research Center, West China Hospital, Sichuan University, Chengdu, P.R. China
  • 2 Institutes for Systems Genetics, Frontiers Science Center for Disease-related Molecular Network, West China Hospital, Sichuan University, Chengdu, P.R. China

Received: October 23, 2020       Accepted: December 23, 2020       Published: March 3, 2021
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Type 2 diabetes is characterized by insulin resistance and loss of β cell mass and function. Aging is considered as a major risk factor for development of type 2 diabetes. However, the roles of pancreatic β cell senescence and systemic aging in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes in elderly people remain poorly understood. In this review, we aimed to discuss the current findings and viewpoints focusing on β cell aging and the development of type 2 diabetes.


AGEs: Advanced glycation end products; Arx: Aristaless-related homeobox; ATF6: Activating transcription factor 6; BAX: BCL2 associated X, apoptosis regulator; Bcl-2: B cell leukemia/lymphoma 2; ER: Endoplasmic reticulum; FoxO1: Forkhead box O1; GATA4: GATA binding protein 4; GATA6: GATA binding protein 6; GSIS: Glucose stimulated insulin secretion; IAPP: Islet amyloid polypeptide; IGF1R: Insulin like growth factor 1 receptor; JNK: c-Jun N-terminal kinase; MafA: v-Maf musculoaponeurotic fibrosarcoma oncogene homologue A; PDX-1: Pancreatic and duodenal homeobox 1; ROS: Reactive oxygen species; SASP: Senescence-associated secretory phenotype; Sox9: Sex-determining Region Y (SRY) box 9; STZ: Streptozotocin; T1D: Type 1 Diabetes; T2D: Type 2 Diabetes; UPR: Unfolded protein response.