Previously, we elucidated the function of flotilin-2 (FLOT2) and branched-chain amino acid transaminase 1(BCAT1) in nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC). However, the relationship between FLOT2 and BCAT1 in promoting NPC progression remains unknown. Here, we observed that FLOT2 upregulated BCAT1 expression in NPC cells. Ectopic expression of BCAT1 significantly antagonized the inhibitory effects on NPC cell proliferation induced by FLOT2 depletion. Consequently, BCAT1 knockdown markedly inhibited the pro-proliferative effects of FLOT2 overexpression in NPC cells. FLOT2 expression was positively correlated with BCAT1 expression in NPC tissues and was inversely correlated with the prognosis of NPC patients. Mechanistically, FLOT2 maintains the expression level of c-Myc, a positive transcription factor of BCAT1, and subsequently promote BCAT1 transcription. FLOT2 inhibited miR-33b-5p in NPC cells and attenuated its inhibitory effects on c-Myc. Further, experimental validation of the function of the FLOT2/miR-33b-5p/c-Myc/BCAT1 axis in regulating NPC cell proliferation was performed. Our results revealed that FLOT2 promotes NPC cell proliferation by suppressing miR-33b-5p, to maintain proper levels of c-Myc, and upregulate BCAT1trancription. Therefore, the FLOT2/miR-33b-5p/c-Myc/BCAT1 axis is a potential therapeutic target for NPC.