Long non-coding RNA (LncRNA) MNX1 antisense RNA 1(MNX1-AS1) is associated with the pathology of numerous cancers. But, the role and underlying pathways of MNX1-AS1 in the regulation of laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma (LSCC) is not known. We demonstrated remarkably elevated levels of MNX1-AS1 in the LSCC tissues, which was correlated with poor disease prognosis. Moreover, MNX1-AS1-silencing strongly suppressed LSCC cell proliferation, migration, and invasion. We also demonstrated that MNX1-AS1 sequesters that activity of miR-370, thereby releasing Forkhead Box ml (FoxM1) from the inhibitory actions of MNX1-AS1. Furthermore, the positive correlation of MNX1-AS1 and FoxM1 as well as the converse correlation between miR-370 and MNX1-AS1 (or FoxM1) were revealed in LSCC tissues using experiments. Based on rescue assays, FoxM1 overexpression or miR-370 downregulation partially recovered the inhibitory effect of MNX1-AS1 silencing on LSCC cells. Moreover, knockdown of MNX1-AS1 retarded tumor growth in nude mice model. In summary, these findings verified that MNX1-AS1 modulated LSCC progression by competitively binding with miR-370 to regulate FoxM1.