Caspase1 (CASP1) is a gene that encodes multiple proteins related to cell death. Nevertheless, the function of CASP1 in the pathogenesis of AML is still unclear. In the present study, a detailed analysis of cancer versus normal samples was performed to explore the relationship between CASP1 and leukemia. We used sequencing data from multiple cancer gene databases to analyze the gene expression and regulatory network of CASP1 in leukemia. We discovered that mRNA expression levels of CASP1 are increased in leukemia cell lines, especially in acute myelocytic leukemia (AML). Then, we verified the mRNA expression of CASP1 in AML clinical samples and observed significantly higher expression of CASP1 in relapsed AML patients. High CASP1 expression was associated with poor prognosis and CASP1 inhibition could impair the proliferation of AML cells. Related functional network identification suggests that CASP1 regulates apoptosis, immune and inflammatory response via pathways involving LYN, LCK, and the E2F family. These findings suggest that CASP1 probably contributes to the pathogenesis, and identify CASP1 as a factor for predicting the prognosis and as a therapeutic target of AML patients.