In contrast to the declining trend in most regions worldwide, the incidence of stroke is increasing in China and is leading to an alarming burden for the national healthcare system. In this review, we have generated new insights from this outlier, and we aim to provide new information that will help decrease the global stroke burden, especially in China and other regions sharing similar problems with China. First of all, several unsolved aspects fundamentally accounting for this discrepancy were promising, including the serious situation of hypertension management, underdiagnosis of atrial fibrillation and underuse of anticoagulants, and unhealthy lifestyles (e.g., heavy smoking). In addition, efforts for further alleviating the incidence of stroke were recommended in certain fields, including targeted antiplatelet regimes and protections from cold wave-related stroke. Furthermore, advanced knowledge about cancer-related strokes, recurrent strokes and the status preceding stroke onset that we called stroke-prone status herein, is required to properly mitigate patient stroke risk, and to provide improved outcomes for patients after a stroke has occurred.