Aging is a significant risk factor for the development of thrombotic diseases, dependent on blood platelet reactivity. However, the risk of thrombosis also appears to be significantly modulated by dietary nutrient content.

The aim of the current study was to assess the relationship between the amount of amino acids present in the daily diet (not supplemented) and the reactivity of blood platelets to arachidonate, collagen and ADP in 246 women and men aged 60–65 years.

Platelet reactivity was tested using whole blood impedance aggregometry. Amino acid intake was assessed with a 24-hour Recall Questionnaire and calculated with Dieta 5.0 software.

Older subjects receiving higher amounts of all essential amino acids with their daily diet exhibit significantly lower platelet responsiveness to AA-, COL- and ADP in a sex-specific manner: dietary amino acid content was more closely associated with AA- and, to some extent, ADP-induced platelet reactivity in women, and with COL-induced platelet aggregability in men. Therefore, dietary amino acid content may be a novel factor responsible for attenuating platelet reactivity in a sex- and agonist-specific manner.